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We at My Management Tutor help students in completing their assignments and online classes by providing online class help. Our specialized services can cater your needs easily and score high in your classes.

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Our services are completely online and can be manageable easily with different time zones. You can schedule your time with our online management experts and get all the management class help services.

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For analyzing performance our tutors conduct weekly tests that will record the performance of each student. According to their test performance, tutors will provide relevant advice and feedback

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Our economical tutoring program makes it possible for every student who wants to learn. We understand the value your precious time and money, and our student friendly classes are worthy of your time.

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Are you looking for a helping hand to support you along with your classes and get you a business degree? Are you a type of a person who loves taking business decisions but hate reading management theories?

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We at mymanagementtutor, help professionals and students get their business degree without any hassles. So, whatever your specialization is, we can provide you hand holding through with your education. The management and business studies are getting very popular among masses and it is imperative to hold such a degree to improve your employability and chances of getting a hike.

Subjects We Cover

Management Fundamentals

Accounting for Managers

Corporate Finance

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Operations Management

Business Mathematics and Calculus

Organizational Behavior

Business Communication

Business Statistics


International Business

Supply Chain Management

Investment Management

Our Tutors

Sunny Lee

Ayah Povey

Ella-Mai Reid

Skylar Lam

Eoin Mosley

Importance of getting a management degree

Business is an important aspect of the globe. From making a pen to manufacture a Jet everything is business, the current world is revolving around business, thus earning a degree in this field is very beneficial for students. Business contains many fields like administration, management, marketing, advertising, and public relations. Earning a degree in this field provides you an upper hand in the market whether it will be in the terms of earning potential or comprehensive decisions of your career. Business degrees’ makes you more versatile and flexible in the job department you can start your own business, or you can work in a well-established firm in finance, marketing, and other departments. The training and internship programs of business colleges are much more classified than the others. The knowledge you can get from this department is enormous and that knowledge will help you in this business-driven economy.


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Dedicated manager to guide you with your classes

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How does the process of helping students to do their online homework and assignments work?

It is a simple process mentioned in the following steps below:

1) Students can visit the website

2) Students can then click on the desired subject page for which they require help.

3) There is a message box where the students can fill their name, college name, address, and phone number. The students can mention the time limit and upload a copy of their query questions in the box.

4) One of our customer care executives will interact with the student and solve the query of the student. Students can then fill the online form and mention their student log-in and password for accessing the portal. Our services maintain the confidentiality of the student details. 

5) Students can pay the desired fees easily on the payment gateway channel.

What are the different payment channels that are accepted?

Payment channels like debit cards, credit cards and PayPal are accepted from the students for paying the online homework or assignment fees.

What type of online class help is provided to the students?

Our services have different experts for providing online class help to the students for solving their discussion topics, homework questions, assignments, case study questions; exams, tests, quizzes, review article writing, and scientific blog writing help services. All the answers are provided in the time frame that is mentioned in the online module of students.

What are the different course book details that are required to be submitted by the students?

Normally, in many modules textbook is not required but if the assignment, homework or case-study is from a book then the details need to be mentioned so that appropriate arrangement can be made by the services or a scanned softcopy can be obtained from the students. Second-hand copies are also available at cheap prices on rent on online websites like Amazon, Chegg

What about the maintenance of the quality standards?

Our services ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained without much plagiarism issues. Our services have Turnitin for checking the originality of the articles written by the experts.

What about the course grades that can be attained by the students after taking help from our a2zassignment services?

Our services have expert faculty and teachers that guide students to obtain an A grade or B depending upon the complexity and the advanced level of the module. Students feel satisfied after obtaining help from our services.

What if a student needs an exam or a class test help at the last moment?

Our services provide help for providing solutions for an exam or a class test help but the price quotation needs to be solved by interacting with the customer care executive. Normally students inform us about their class exam or test schedule one week in advance before the date of the test or exam. Students need to provide their course name, a course code name, and the book that is prescribed by the teacher as a study material. Students need to provide their log-in and password after paying the fees for solving the online exam. 

What if the course module is very tough, advanced, complex, and beyond the reach of the student?

Sometimes students are enthusiastic and opt for advanced courses to increase their course credits and grades but passing becomes difficult. Our experts provide help for solving advanced modules so that the students can pass their courses and do not fail in their academic curriculum.

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